Majic Dorsey Pro AmThe Majic Man was at it again on Tuesday night as he put on a show for all the fans in the stands by dropping 46 points against top NBA players Chandler Parsons and Courtney Lee.

Majic had an all around impressive performance as he hit some big 3’s, made some critical passes and drove it to the hole making the defense scramble to guard him.

His team went down early as Parsons and Lee put on a show by hitting some big shots, but Majic led the way in the 2nd half helping climb back from 20+ point deficit and eventually gaining the lead.

The energy was in the building as Majic hit back to back 3’s. Some fans even uttered the words, ….”Replace Jameer Nelson with Majic” after he single handedly got them the lead.

Look for Majic to continue to his streak as the Pro Am Continues.

Written by: Anthony Fernandez

Below are some Pictures of his 46 point performance:


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