Majic Dorsey ReturnsAfter the 2012 season the foreign player Dorados de Chihuahua Majic Dorsey was placed as one of the best players in the capital equipment in the State Basketball League this day, who left the “magic” on the court confirmed via Facebook that the January 8 returns to northern lands.

“It’s official. Reach an agreement with my great team here at Chhuahua Chripre and again on January 8, to meet with the team that made me happier than any other computer that has played, on and off the court. The fans were fantastic, and the organization, first class. And I also saw the coach as one of the best coach he has played for. Because he knew how to get the best of me and other players. It was not only a coach but also our friend on and off the court # ~ Dorados Dorados. “She wrote to Dorsey which were immediate feedback from their fans in Chihuahua who guarantee a great reception for overseas.

According to information that has provided the Department of Communication at Dorados this team has presented only one foreign backing for the 2013 season Beas Hamgals native Cameroon to be defined at the Jan. 8 if Dorsey will refill of “magic” the plank the Colossus of Santa Rita.

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