Majic Dorsey NewsMajic Dorsey continues to show that much still has gas in the tank … in recent times former Golden Chihuahua, received a call from his sports agent who told him he needed to fly to Orlando Florida as quickly as possible.

And so, Majic was reported to private practice with other 8 players and excelled among all position players. Today announced that Majic Dorsey won the team’s minicamp practice, which means that this two-step closer to signing a contract in the NBA. The following steps would be: Training camp and then the pre-season games.

The recruiting director Orlando team is Harold Ellis, who coached Dorsey in 2005 and in the same year were champions and Majic managed to be the Most Valuable Player and leader in assists for the season. That same year he was invited to the draft camp with the likes of Chris Paul, Ramond Felton, Monte Ellis, WIll Bynum and Jarret Jack.

Not even be in the NBA, this step to get to the mini camp Dorsey assures a good future as they are excellent credentials for engagement with European teams.

Majic with Orlando Magic

Majic exclusively with, says she was shopping in his hometown, when he received the call from his agent. And I immediately had to go to the airport with the flight paid and reported the next day in practice.

He further states:

My heart remains Dorado and will continue with it, no matter the like leave equipment, Jose Ramon, Luis, Marco, were very good to me and wished them the best, I talked to Hiram two weeks ago and I wanted the best for me, that was very kind of him. I miss the general public in Chihuahua, always’ll take me in the heart, are the best fans.

Majic said he had the opportunity to see Jorge Gutierrez League play in the NBA Development, says it has all the skills to do so. And wishing you the best of luck, if you put God first and foremost be fine. In turn wishes him every success for the national team with his former colleagues and Pablo Santana Nolasco Israel, as Daniel Giron.

Majic in the 2012 season, he averaged 33.2 points per game and his charisma and talent managed drove new fans to the Mexican League.

Check out Videos of Majic along with Photos of his phenomenal career.

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